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concurrent synonyms, concurrent pronunciation, concurrent translation, English dictionary definition of concurrent. Studies show it helps with generalized anxiety disorder, often found concurrently with panic attacks. Concurrently with this I try hard to cultivate in him a certain distaste for the dear old home. Find more ways to say concurrently, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. See more. See more. Of course I was taping the Dylan documentary that was concurrently on BBC2. TriCare for Life is a TriCare medical insurance option for eligible members who are concurrently eligible for Medicare coverage. Find more ways to say concurrently, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Or again, within the latter in his admission of a duality of thought and " the given " in knowledge, which within knowledge was apparently irreducible, concurrently with hints as to the possibility, upon a wider view, of the sublation of their disparateness at least hypothetically and speculatively. Concurrently with this activity in higher branches, the school board provided a large number of handsome buildings in healthy surroundings. Concurrently with this change, the tropical and extinct forms disappeared, and the flora approached more and more nearly to that now existing in the districts where the fossil plants are found, though in the older deposits, at any rate, the geographical distribution still differed considerably from that now met with. ( kənˈkʌrənt) adj. The adverb concurrently comes from the Latin word concurrere, meaning “to run together,” or “assemble hurriedly.”. 5 synonyms of concurrently from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 4 related words, definitions, and antonyms. If a child has exhibited a serious hypersensitivity to a previous rabies vaccine, antihistamines may be used concurrently. 2. cooperating. See more. 6. How can I execute the two commands concurrently in python3.6. It should be noted that the material in this work had no direct influence upon the concurrently written grammar. : Most patients receive radiotherapy concurrently with chemotherapy. 5. All seven projects are running concurrently. 3. But Is That a Good Thing? That’s happening concurrently with near-impossible working conditions for many brick-and-mortar restaurants. The metal to be refined passing into solution is concurrently deposited at the cathode. For children suffering malnutrition due to an illness or underlying disorder, the condition should be treated concurrently. A good contract would specify its terms to avoid any such ambiguity. concurrent (with something) existing or happening at the same time. : The judge imposed 12-month sentences for each of the three offences, to run concurrently, and said Hunter could be out in six months. : Heating is also carried out concurrently with nanocrystals solution deposition. Concurrently definition, at the same time: All seven projects are running concurrently. Which of the following animal names traces its immediate origin to Portuguese? The cult of Hygieia then spread concurrently with that of Asclepius, and was introduced at Rome from Epidaurus in 293, by which time she may have been admitted (which was not the case before) into the Epidaurian family of the god. Section 22-Payment Concurrent with Delivery.. Concurrent with that should be deity worship.. Concurrent with the publication of these reports, a public forum will be opened.. Concurrent with these improvements, total maintenance costs were reduced by 12%.. 2. “Affect” vs. “Effect”: Use The Correct Word Every Time. High quality example sentences with “concurrently with” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English There will be a two year transition period where both schemes will run concurrently. Concurrently with these undertakings, he steadily prepared to strengthen his position in the political life of France; and it will be well to notice the steps by which he ensured the defeat of the royalists in France and the propping up of the directorial system in the coup d'etat of Fructidor 1797. happening or existing at the same time as something else: Delivery of the goods and payment of the price are concurrent conditions, and must therefore occur at the same time. My opinions are concurrent w (Law) having equal authority or jurisdiction. Definition of concurrent. Acting in conjunction; agreeing in the same act or opinion; contibuting to the same event of effect. The Word Of The Year For 2020 Is …. The twins had concurrent birthday. 2. However, combining resistance and aerobic training has been reported to attenuate the training response induced by either type of training alone ( 13,14,23 ). We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage. The annual show of the Royal Commission on Horse Breeding is held in London jointly and concurrently with that of the Hunters' Improvement Society. Basically it is standard crossfire with the players going for it concurrently. concurrent. They do not represent the opinions of Section 15-Delivery Concurrent with Payment.. concurrent meaning: 1. happening or existing at the same time: 2. happening or existing at the same time: 3…. In computer science, concurrency is the ability of different parts or units of a program, algorithm, or problem to be executed out-of-order or in partial order, without affecting the final outcome. concurrently adv adverb: Describes a verb, adjective, adverb, or clause--for example, "come quickly," "very rare," "happening now," "fall down." 4. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples There’s little she isn’t prepared for, and people like Oborne and Peterson see her confidence growing concurrently with the artist she is. They will be filmed concurrently in the style of the hugely successfully Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. A more complete remedy was introduced by the Judicature Act 1873, which consolidated the courts of law and equity, and ordered that law and equity should be administered concurrently according to the rules contained in the 26th section of the act. Concurrently with the efforts made to reorganize their native policy the colony also endeavoured to deal with the Asiatic question. Co-ownership Co-ownership entitles two or more persons concurrently to the … Age also effects rates for this type of insurance policy, because as a person ages their monthly rates are going to rise concurrently. oral typhoid may be given concurrently with yellow fever or HNIG. concurrently. It is noteworthy that concurrently with the rise of clinical study the works of Hippocrates were more and more valued, while Galen began to sink into the background. uricosuric agents listed below should be given concurrently with the Cambridge Diet from the day of commencement. When two or more things happen at the same time, they occur concurrently. Concurrent definition: Concurrent events or situations happen at the same time. What Is “Stochastic Terrorism,” And Why Is It Trending? What Does Amen Mean At The End Of A Prayer? Concurrently with us, the old 43rd Illinois on the right joined in the serenade. Concurrent definition, occurring or existing simultaneously or side by side: concurrent attacks by land, sea, and air. More than half of the top 100 online retailers ran concurrent sales on Tuesday, Digital Commerce 360 found. 2 a : running parallel. "Je marche lentement. : Le chauffage est également mis en oeuvre simultanément au dépôt de la solution de nanocristaux. 4. Concurrently with the repair of the canal, the navigation works on the Thames were remodelled at a large cost, and barges drawing 3 ft. Distally it thins away concurrently with the body. 77 to 147, two kings, and sometimes three or more were often reigning concurrently (Vologaeses II. In Austria, a census was taken in 1754 by the parish clergy, concurrently with the civil authorities and the military commandants. Hackett will serve his term concurrently with the nine-month federal sentence he received for taking a $5,000 bribe to steer a city contract to an insurance broker.. Newsvine - Get Smarter Here. He was imprisoned for two concurrent terms of 30 months and 18 months. His mission is described as running on for a while concurrently with that of our Lord, whereas in the other Gospels we have no record of our Lord's work until John is cast into prison. Remember, try and be as creative and anti-everything as possible while concurrently remaining categorically punk. Keep in mind that Bath and Body Works typically has several valid coupon offers running concurrently. 0. Concurrent. concurrent: 1 adj occurring or operating at the same time Synonyms: co-occurrent , coincident , coincidental , coinciding , cooccurring , simultaneous synchronal , synchronic , synchronous occurring or existing at the same time or having the same period or phase Try teaching several subjects concurrently. We’ve gathered some interesting words donated to English from Portuguese … as well as some that just don’t translate at all. He devoted himself to ascetic practices, confined himself to the society of churchmen, and resigned the chancellorship in spite of a papal dispensation (procured by the king) which authorized him to hold that office concurrently with the primacy. 12. Concurrently with the growth of this unrest Rudolph had become increasingly subject to attacks of depression and eccentricity, which were so serious as to amount almost to insanity. Ghost Kitchens Are the Wave of the Future. Concurrently with this volume appeared Lesson's Traite d'ornithologie, which is dated 1831, and may perhaps be here most conveniently mentioned. 4. Learn more. So, if the judge in the above example were to order that the sentences run concurrently, the defendant’s sentence would be three years—she would serve the two-year sentence simultaneously with the three-year sentence. Concurrently with this war another was fought in Venetia between the Italians and the Austrian army of the South, for which see Italian Wars (1848-1870). Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Oral typhoid may be given concurrently with yellow fever or HNIG. That said, you can typically throttle the amount of concurrent messages that are handled in your queue connection. Concurrent computing is a form of computing in which several computations are executed concurrently—during overlapping time periods—instead of sequentially, with one completing before the next starts.. (at the same time) simultanément adv adverbe: modifie un adjectif ou un verbe.Est toujours invariable ! When they run concurrently, the defendant serves them at the same time. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Etienne is holding three concurrent exhibitions. Beabadoobee wants to show you she’s more than a viral TikTok song, What Prime Day signals for 2020 holiday retail, Conservative operatives face felony charges in connection with robocalls seeking to mislead voters, ‘This was the zeitgeist year’: How TV networks sold advertisers on streaming in this year’s upfront, Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. From of old, in China, circles were divided into 3654 parts, so that the sun described daily one Chinese degree; and the equator began to be employed as a line of reference, concurrently with the ecliptic, probably in the second century B.C. “Misinformation” vs. “Disinformation”: Get Informed On The Difference, The Most Surprisingly Serendipitous Words Of The Day. – David L yesterday. Concurrently, interest rates, especially on savings deposits, have not been very rewarding. Absent any particular context, contemporaneous is synonymous with concurrent. Generally, circuit courts have the authority to exercise discretion to run sentences concurrently.This discretionary exercise of authority, however, may be proscribed by the General Assembly when it has directed that sentences for certain crimes may not be run concurrently. See Synonyms at contemporary. While linear viewership is eroding, traditional TV remains an easy, cost-effective way for advertisers to reach a large, concurrent audience. Both circles, too, were marked by star-groups more or less clearly designated and defined. Concurrently with this change, the tropical and extinct forms disappeared, and the flora approached more and more nearly to that now existing in the districts where the fossil plants are found, though in the older deposits, at any rate, the geographical distribution still differed considerably from that now met with. Happening at the same time; simultaneous. The Son beholds the Father at work, and works concurrently, doing nothing of Himself. Definition of concurrently in the dictionary. It is concurrently with signal success in the work of a pioneer in the mathematical. 158, April 7, 1920, Diego Collado's Grammar of the Japanese Language, Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 9, Slice 2, The Story of a Common Soldier of Army Life in the Civil War, 1861-1865. We show that information structure in English can only be analyzed concurrently with prosodic prominence and phrasing. The exhibition reflected concurrent developments abroad. Ex : "Elle est très grande." Hence consumption of food rich in saturated fatty acids would raise cholesterol levels concurrently. Another word for concurrently. Define concurrent. Concurrent (adjective) Conjoined; associate; concomitant; existing or … 155+4 sentence examples: 1. If the concerts you want to attend are happening concurrently, you have to choose one — unless you know how to be in two places at the same time. 3. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. The definition of concurrently is things happening at the same time. It is carried on to a large extent concurrently with the Galilean ministry: it is not continuous, but is taken up from feast to feast as our Lord visits the sacred city at the times of its greatest religious activity. Simultanément, ce procédé remédie également à la formation de calculs. The Astrakhan disease may have been imported from Resht or Baku, or may have been caused concurrently with the epidemics of these places by some cause affecting the basin of the Caspian generally. “Capital” vs. “Capitol”: Do You Know Where You’re Going? You can't attend two concurrent events! In addition to the main festival competition, numerous related events (called "sidebars") have sprung up to run concurrently. - Concurrently with the tendency to discriminate between the higher authority of certain writings and the lower authority of others, there was also a tendency to collect and group together writings of the first class. Presumably she's looking to make a point, concurrent with her 15 minutes of fame. First there is the office or cabinet of the prefect for the general police (la police gnrale), with bureaus for various objects, such as the safety of the president of the republic, the regulation and order of public ceremonies, theatres, amusements and entertainments, &c.; secondly, the judicial police (la police judiciaire), with numerous bureaus also, in constant communication with the courts of judicature; thirdly, the administrative police (la police administrative) including bureaus, which superintend navigation, public carriages, animals, public health, &c. Concurrently with these divisions there is the municipal police, which comprises all the agents in enforcing police regulations in the streets or public thoroughfares, acting under the orders of a chief (chef de la police municipale) with a central bureau. The definition of concurrently is things happening at the same time. The last two she played concurrently during the filming of True Blood's second season. If multiple threads access a format concurrently, it must be synchronized externally. 1. taking place at the same time or in the same location. For example, you ca n't litigate in court and concurrently arbitrate. RIG is administered concurrently with the first dose of inactivated-rabies vaccine or up to seven days thereafter. Happening, existing, or done at the same time as something else: dealing with concurrent crises. All Rights Reserved. What does concurrently mean? These events gave a preponderance of power to the nobles, but concurrently a number of circumstances were silently preparing the way for a great increase of authority on the part of the ruler. Concurrently fraudulent imitation has regrettably increased. concurrent with sth Competitions for consumer goods are usually promoted on the pack concurrent with … When presented with five macroalgal species concurrently, H. sanguineus preferred green algae to red and brown algae. (Mathematics) meeting at, approaching, or having a common point: concurrent lines. Following is what I have tried. b : convergent specifically : meeting or intersecting in a point. Another word for concurrently. I join with these laws the personal presence of the king's son, as a concurrent cause of this reformation. Simultaneous; converging; of equal or joint authority. Emigration is occurring concurrently, tho not driving, expansion of unsustainable coastal aquaculture. C. Ranyard a theory of coronal types, changing concurrently with the fluctuations of spot-activity. On the other hand, the utility of the consular service has concurrently increased. transition period where both schemes will run concurrently. 1 : operating or occurring at the same time. adj. FMLA leave time may now also have to run concurrently with time off for work-related injuries. Over 100,000 Spanish translations of English words and phrases. Meanwhile in the Transvaal, concurrently with the change of prime minister and high commissioner, the administrator, Colonel Lanyon, began vigorously to enforce taxation among the Boers. Unabridged Find another word for concurrently. - Haemoflagellates derived from a uniflagellate, Herpetomonadine form, in which the point of insertion of the single (anterior) flagellum into the body has travelled backwards from the anterior end for a greater or less distance, the flagellum itself having become, concurrently, attached to the body for a portion of its length by means of an undulating membrane. ‘Running concurrently with the fair is the Young Scientists competition.’ ‘Rate of return targets and requirements for the payment of dividends to the state government were introduced concurrently.’ This is concurrently proven by two considerations, equally fundamental, although quite distinct in their nature. Simultaneous; converging; of equal or joint authority. The state acts concurrently with New York in preserving the natural beauties of the Palisades of the Hudson river; and in 1909 the Palisades Interstate Park, with a front of 13 m. All these reactions take place concurrently, so that one molecule of a diglyceride may still retain its ephemeral existence, whilst another molecule is already broken up completely into free fatty acids and glycerin. (at the same time) ταυτόχρονα επίρ επίρρημα : Περιγράφει το ρήμα που συνοδεύει, π.χ. As a result of this new interpretation of the FMLA, many employers' relevant documents, policies and procedures may need to be revised or at least given a closer look. The method also, concurrently, controls calculus formation. Say the first command is ' -i file1.csv -t file2.txt' and second is ' -i file3.csv -t file4.txt". 4 : exercised over the same matter or area by two different authorities concurrent … Consequently, muscle architecture can be measured concurrently with muscle hardness using ultrasound strain elastography. By running concurrently I wanted to reduce the run time. Information and translations of concurrently in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. concurrently definition: 1. at the same time: 2. at the same time: . However, one could argue that the latter connotes more strict simultaneity. Why Do “Left” And “Right” Mean Liberal And Conservative? Hackett will serve his term concurrently with the nine-month federal sentence he received for his role in a bribery scandal that brought down 12 people, including 11 public officials. Belonging to the same period; contemporary. What does concurrently mean? 3 : acting in conjunction. Concurrent definition: Concurrent events or situations happen at the same time. Each charge against the pair carries a five- or seven-year sentence if they are convicted in Michigan — adding up to a maximum 12 years as some sentences for the charges would be concurrent. This side effect is the reason why many people choose to use Clonazepam concurrently with certain drugs illegally, although they risk their lives when doing so. In 1834 this was purchased by Buloz, and brought out concurrently with his other Revue. Acting in conjunction; agreeing in the same act or opinion; contributing to the same event or effect; coöperating. If you’re ever lucky enough to go to the Olympics, you’ll find that many events are scheduled concurrently, … Patients who experience OHS and OSA concurrently are at a greater risk for heart damage. Learn more. add a comment | 1 Answer Active Oldest Votes. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. Background: The B-mode ultrasound image that can measure muscle architecture is displayed side by side with the ultrasound strain elastogram that can assess muscle hardness. Concurrently with the claim of Mahommed Ahmed to be the mandi the same title was claimed by, or for, the head of the Senussites, a confraternity powerful in many regions of North Africa.

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